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Mitea ORGANIC Brand Website Creative

Web Design and Development / Product visual Development
Planning, design, HTML/CSS, photography

Expressing Mitea ORGANIC's philosophy and ability to create naturally moist skin.
We produced the website and product visuals for MASH Beauty lab Co., Ltd.’s “Mitea ORGANIC.” Mitea ORGANIC is MASH Beauty lab's first skincare brand in collaboration with FamilyMart and is scheduled to go on sale at 16,000 FamilyMart stores nationwide on October 4, 2022.
In the creative production process, we developed and photographed images that expressed the product concept of "water and oil.”
While following the philosophy of the overall brand image of Monet's garden, we focused on expressing Mitea ORGANIC's unique characteristics, such as the freshness of the fusion of water and oil, the gentleness of the product on the skin, and the pleasant feeling of use.
The product's characteristic floral fragrance is also expressed through the image of flowers reflected on the surface of water.
We also created content about the brand's sustainable business initiatives to create a reliable brand image for customers. The products will be available at Cosme Kitchen and other e-commerce sites, as well as at FamilyMart stores, from October 4.