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Why you work at Balconia

From the highest upstream to the lowest downstream. Work that connects the dots with the lines.

We are a consulting firm, an agency, and a production company with a wide range of client work.
Maybe you wonder if what you are doing now is really leading to the growth of client companies and brands, or if your skills and actions are only being partially utilized. We have an environment where people who feel this way can actually create and play an active role in work that has a real impact.

International Environment

Since we started our business in China, we have succeeded in creating brand strategies and creative solutions for markets that are different from ours in race and language. Therefore, our staff comes from diverse backgrounds, and we are constantly expanding our global network to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and beyond. Whether you choose to work in the familiar environment of Japan or take on the challenges of the international field, we have a system that allows you to develop a career that suits your individual orientation.

Freedom to work

In the post-Corona world, the basic work style has become remote. This has its pros and cons, but we believe it has been a good thing for companies like ours that are trying to expand their business internationally. Please discuss with us any restrictions you may have, such as time differences or family circumstances that limit the time and place you can work. Ensuring freedom has its difficulties, but allowing for these things and exploring various ways of working is one of the things that balconia values.

Valuing Work Philosophy

Questioning the “obvious”

Japan is essentially a mono-ethnic, monolingual country. Our values are too generalized due to the influence of a culture that values harmony and common sense. This is a major stumbling block when it comes to global branding and communication. Even the one and only solution that can be taken from one perspective may not make any sense at all if the perspective changes. Recognizing this, we must first consider things from multiple perspectives and try to derive the appropriate solution from the appropriate point of view. This attitude is one of the most important aspects of our business.

Stay close to the perception of the receiver.

We place great importance on consumers' perceptual understanding. Even if creators create something that they think is "cool," it does not necessarily mean that people who see and use it will feel the same way. Even if they feel something is "cool," if they do not recognize it as something they need, it is not a valuable expression for the brand. It is not easy to unravel the human perception, which is something that even the person himself may not be aware of, but we believe that valuable expressions can be created only with the understanding of the perception.

Respect the expertise of others

We specialize in global branding and are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of marketing, design, and communication. The clients and partners we work with are also professionals with their own expertise and experience. However, we believe that by maintaining an interest in and respecting professionalism that differs from our own, we can create a great deal of synergy and improve our own skills.

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