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B.A Product Movie

Planning, design, copy, photography

We fully expressed B.A.'s philosophy while succinctly promoting the value of each product.
We produced product movies for six B.A products: B.A Lotion, B.A Eye Zone Cream, B.A Sunscreen, B.A Cleansing Cream, B.A Wash, and Rinse Care.

In China, where e-commerce is thriving, product movies are used in various media such as e-commerce websites and social media to convey the appeal of products. We created a movie that conveys B.A.'s philosophy while conveying each product's value, efficacy, texture, and other characteristics. We were in charge of selecting items to be featured globally, developing copy in three languages (English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) with a focus on Simplified Chinese, selecting music, and editing the movie.

The structure is designed to convey what kind of brand B.A. is, to make each product look attractive and convey its features in a straightforward manner, and to convey the appeal of the products both individually and as a set.

In copy development, each country has different pharmaceutical regulations, and they also have different consumer needs and features customers look for in products. What to look for in a wash, what to look for in a sunscreen, what to look for in a lotion... Native copywriters from each country who have a deep understanding of the brand and the product developed copy so that the same meaning is conveyed despite differences in expression.