Brand Culturalization

Brand Culturalization is the process of adjusting a brand's presentation to local customs, culture, and consumer preferences when a brand expands overseas. We identify local consumer perceptions through consumer research and change the brand itself to match those perceptions. While localization, which merely translates "expressions," does not easily convey the brand's message to customers, a culturalized brand can accurately convey the essential "meaning" of what it wants to express to local customers.

Troubles that can occur when expanding a brand overseas

In contrast to localization, which directly translates a brand message, culturalization first adapts the "meaning" behind the message to local sensibilities. As consumers' cultural backgrounds change, the way they perceive the message will also change. Visuals do not always give exactly the same impression. By culturalizing the meaning to local consumers' sensibilities, the essential meaning of the message that the brand originally wants to express can be conveyed.

Conceptual Diagram of Brand

For example, Pantene is running a campaign in Japan that says "Miracles don't happen in a day. Try it for 14 days first." but in the Philippines, the message is "3 Minute Miracle." While they have the same element of miracle, they are sending the opposite message if you only look at the message. This is an example of how the message can be read as changing in response to differences in consumer perception.
Brand Strategy's work on brand culturalization involves the culturalization of the message, as well as the brand's strategy and creative work.

Book "Brand Culturalization"

balconia Shanghai Limited has compiled the know-how it has accumulated through its overseas branding business for Japanese companies into a book, "Brand Culturalization - Marketing Techniques to Sell Your Products Worldwide," which was released on August 5, 2022 (Friday). Based on the case studies and experiences of balconia Shanghai Limited, which supports branding and marketing of Japanese companies in China, this book thoroughly explains the "marketing techniques" to deliver Japanese products and services to overseas markets.

balconia Co., Ltd. has applied for and been granted registration of the trademark "ブランドカルチャライズ (Brand Culturalization)".
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