About us

Beyond Intuition感性の、その先へ。

balconia is a branding agency with offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.
As a consulting firm, agency, and production company,
we support the entire life cycle of a brand, from birth to nurturing.

What we value is "Beyond Intuition."

Instead of relying on the creator's sensitivity and intuition,
by consistently providing strategy and creativity with a focus on perceptual understanding of consumers and society,
we believe that we can truly move the hearts of consumers, society, and the world.


Through the power of branding, we connect the true value of brands and products with the consumers and society that receive them.
We review and support the strength and potential of companies, brands, and products. It maximizes the quality of communication between the two parties by further nurturing value and clearly delivering true value to consumers. And it contributes to optimizing the company's bottom line.
Our mission is to create many such ecosystems, connecting companies and consumers and leading to better relationships.


A global branding agency representing Japan.
As a global branding agency, we aim to represent Japan in both name and reality. Countries, communities, and the values of the people who belong to them differ greatly, but by internalizing these differences, we deepen our branding knowledge and create an environment in which our clients can compete and grow on a global scale.


Observe things from different perspectives.
The brand name balconia comes from balcony. It implies that we should step out from the existing values in the room to the balcony and look at things from a different perspective than before. We believe that by meta-awareness of the values we hold and understanding the differences in the values of countries, communities, and the people who belong to them, we can uncover deep insights and create creative works that move people's hearts and change their behavior.


久保山 浩気Koki Kuboyama

Japan has many wonderful products and excellent services that it can boast to the world, but not many brands have gained enough recognition globally to grow to a scale where they can become viable businesses. We believe that one of the main reasons for this is the lack of branding that matches the perceptions of local consumers. While you may be able to communicate value to your own people who share the same cultural background and speak the same language, you need to be creative in communicating to people overseas who have a different cultural background and speak a different language. Only by gaining a deep understanding of the people you are communicating to and adjusting the way you communicate will you be able to deliver true value. balconia supports the global expansion of Japanese brands with strategies from a brand culturalization perspective and the globally applicable creativity to realize them. It is our hope that Japan's spirit of excellence in craftsmanship and technology will enrich the lives of as many people as possible around the world.

Biography:Worked in digital marketing in Japan as a business manager at IMJ (current Accenture). Later, as an accounting director at a US branding firm, he experienced US branding and marketing. Lives in Shanghai since 2015. Founded balconia in 2017.


  • 2014_Shanghai Began creative development work as IMJ's Shanghai operation

  • 2017_Tokyo balconia is established through the divestiture of its web and system integration business from m/field Co.

  • 2018_Shanghai balconia's Hong Kong and Shanghai offices are established, and IMJ's Shanghai operation was transferred from to balconia.

  • 2022_Tokyo balconia merged with m/field and other group companies to form AMBL Corporation. balconia Tokyo becomes a company enterprise of AMBL.

Company Profile

Shanghai Officegoogle map

balconia Shanghai Limited.
Room 306, Building 1, Chuangxiang Tower East No.100 Yejiazhai Road, Putuo District,
Shanghai, China

Established:June 1, 2018
Capital:21 million yen

Tokyo Officegoogle map

10F Art Village Osaki Central Tower,
1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032, Japan
Within AMBL Inc.

*balconia Co., Ltd Tokyo Office changed its name to AMBL Inc. on March 1, 2022

Hong-kong Officegoogle map

balconia Hong Kong Limited
Room 1503, 15/f., Jubilee Centre,
18 Fenwick street, wan chai, Hong Kong