We draw brand strategies based on facts.
We start with visualization of the customer structure in line with the business, then move on to KPIs, then to implementation, and ultimately to a level of strategy that is consistently palpable from upstream to downstream.

  • Market and Consumer Research
  • Brand Equity Development
  • Targeting Strategy
  • Item Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Product development support, etc.

Service Overview

We understand the local market background and take four steps to solidify your brand strategy.

  1. Step.1Discovering Opportunities
  2. Step.2Understanding the Target
  3. Step.3Culturalizing Brand Equity
  4. Step.4Developing a Brand Guide

Brand Culturalization

Examples of the brand strategy core development process are presented through results of case studies of fictitious projects. Keep reading for more information on Brand Culturalization and these case studies.


We plan and produce various types of creative projects.
We aim to produce the best and highest quality product that is successful in each market based on brand equity and strategy.
Please also consult with us for planning and production of creative works as individual projects.

  • Branding planning and production
  • Video planning and production
  • Graphic design planning and production
  • Product/package design
  • Copy/tagline planning and production
  • CI/VI planning and production
  • Web consulting
  • Web design planning and production
  • UI/UX design and production
  • Product design
  • Interactive design
  • Front-end engineering
  • Headless/Decoupled CMS construction
  • VMD design and production
  • CV lead design
  • Event promotion planning and production, etc.

Service Overview

We offer a wide range of services including creative projects and proposals, branding, various design photography, system development, and event promotion planning both in Japan and overseas. Please feel free to contact us.


We work with you to develop your brand through revenue sharing and capital participation.
As a partner, we help you with strategy and creative development.

  • Marketing support
  • Website operation support
  • Social media operation support
  • Access analysis
  • Prototyping support