Notice of Completion of Trademark Registration of “Brand Culturalization”

balconia Corporation is pleased to announce that it has applied for and been granted registration of the trademark "Brand Culturalization".

[Summary of Trademark Registration]
1. Trademark Name: Brand Culturalization
2. Trademark right holder: balconia corporation
3. Registration number: No. 6346434
4. Trademark registration date: January 28, 2021

◼︎What is Brand Culturalization?

You can get a deeper understanding of how Japanese brands entering China should culturalize and how important it is to understand local consumers by reading the News Picks article "China Marketing: How Japanese Companies Can Confront 1.3 Billion People's "Desire," which is Boiling Over with the COVID 19 Pandemic."
Brand culturalization is the process of adjusting a brand's presentation to local customs, culture, and consumer preferences when a brand expands overseas. We identify local consumer perceptions through consumer research and change the brand itself to match those perceptions. While localization, which merely translates "expressions," does not easily convey the brand's message to customers, a culturalized brand can accurately convey the essential "meaning" of what it wants to express to local customers.

We can help brands looking to enter China with consumer research, brand strategy planning, and creative production.

If you have any questions about expanding into China, please do not hesitate to contact us.