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Photoshoot for "Chagawa," BOTANIST’s sub-brand to be launched exclusively in China.
balconia conducted a photo shoot of product and model visuals for "Chagawa," sub-brand of BOTANIST by "艾恩伊(上海)化粧品有限公司,” a consolidated subsidiary of I-ne Co., Ltd. The product will be available exclusively in China and is available at Watsons, a major drugstore group in China.
Based on the concept of tea, which is also a trend in China, we have shot three types of product visuals using the concepts of high mountain oolong tea, Pu-erh tea, and rose tea, as well as model images used across all types. The product visuals are designed to invoke the image of taking care of one's hair while leisurely enjoying the fragrance and the passage of time, just like how tea is enjoyed in China.